A contrarian view

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We live in the age of apps. Not sure about grammar? Buy this app! Want to produce sick computer-generated beats? There’s an app for that! Don’t know how to properly use hashtags? This app has you covered! On and on…

But — besides draining your bank account, has anyone stopped to ask what the real cost of being app reliant is?..

Everything comes with a price

There’s a long-standing theory among scholars that when a new innovation is created, another loses its intrinsic value — the pinnacle example being the advent of writing. Before the written word, humans would sit round a fire, underneath the…

His face is on the 100$ bill for good reason

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Did you know that Benjamin Franklin didn’t remember an age before he could read? Or that he founded the University of Philadelphia? Was adroit in the Socratic method? Instituted our nation's first public services? Could read French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin? Served as a military commander during the French and Indian War? And, above all, was a prolific writer?

Though his autobiography is a short manuscript of less than 150 printed pages, it is so full of insight and witticism that it can take the strong reader months to digest if studied properly. And it should be studied properly.


3 psychological strategies.

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Relationships define our lives. Whether internal or external, the difference between success and failure is largely due to how we manage those connections.

A perfect example would be the dichotomy of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Many believe that Tesla was more the scientific genius than Edison, but it was Edison’s command of human relationships that propelled him into prosperity while Tesla remained destitute. What good is “genius” if it can’t be enjoyed? Eminent minds such as Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, and Richard Wright, are not only remembered for their inventiveness, but their consummate understanding of interpersonal behavior.

Presumably, none…

Master your craft

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While perusing through Medium articles, I kept stumbling upon punctual inconsistencies, unnecessary prepositions, and excessive wordiness. Otherwise known as: clunky prose resulting in redundancy and dullness. Moreover, sometimes it felt as though I was transcribing a conversation at a cocktail party, instead of reading a writing authority.

This disturbed me. A culture is forever remembered by its literary performance. I refuse to be part of the generation that diminishes writing from indolence and lack of attention to detail. It is essential that we, as a writing community, continue and improve upon the standards of our craft.

As a result, the…

Publish with confidence

After my first article was published I was elated and eager to publish a second, third, fourth, etc. For some reason, getting published a second time seemed more difficult than the first. It suddenly became hard to convey the simplest ideas without overthinking every step. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Perhaps I’m applying too much pressure? Could this be resulting in a lack of focus?

Beyond these more abstract problems, holes started appearing in my technical understanding of the English language. While editing questions arose, “Does the subject call for a plural or singular verb? Is this a…

One must be a fox in order to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten off wolves — Niccolò Machiavelli

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The Fox is cunning.

The Fox is wise.

Beneath its comeliness, hides its subtle disguise.

Persistent by nature and with a stout heart, does everything to conceal its art.

Lithe and smooth is its trot and when lightning strikes, such agility cannot be fought.

In a word grace, in many the stars, glittering across the dark amethyst a fiery silhouette contrasting the everlasting night.

Mitchell G.

Interested in: history, philosophy, psychology, evolution, and zen-buddhism. https://twitter.com/G_Mitchell23

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